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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Free pattern Time!!!

Alex’s Felted Tote Bag Pattern

5 skeins of KnitPicks Wool of the Andes
1 Hollyberry
1 Blue Bonnet
1 Avocado
1 Rain
1 Cherry Blossom

US 10 1/2 circular 32 inch needles( I used KP’s options)
US 11 needles
yarn needle

Prefelt measurements:
Bottom: 15 in x 9 in
Body: 12 in x 21 in

Post felt measurements:
Bottom: 14 in x 8 in
Body:9 in x 21 in

Cast on 60 sts.
Knit 50 rows, 10 of each color.
Knit one row w HB yarn, pick up sts around all sides, you will pick up 110 sts. Total of 170 sts.
Knit 10 rows of each color. ( Total of 50 rows)
bind off.

Straps(make 2) US 11 needles
Cast on 6 sts with one stand of HB and CB held 2tog
knit 30 rows
Change to two stains of Avocado held 2tog
knit 30 rows.
Change to one of BB and Rain held 2tog
knit 30 rows
bind off

Weave in all ends, sew straps to bag.
Felt( I hand felted mine but you can use a washing machine, just make sure to check the bag every few mins.)

Block, use a box that fit inside the bag. If you use a box shorter than the side of the bag, make sure you use something to lift it off the ground. Let dry for about 24 hours. Now your bag is ready for use!

Friday, April 06, 2007

my first socks!

This are my very first pair of socks. I am hooked on knitting socks now! I used Lion Brand magic strips yarn and the pattern on the label of the yarn. I orderd more sock yarn today from knit Picks! I'm going to try the Jaywalkers pattern next. I can't wait until my yarn get here!