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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Designing Swanky Moms

This isn't about knitting, just life

We have been so broke for the past few months. The rent is due by Oct 5, but the check has to be mailed by the 2nd and we don't even have half of it. We just paid $170 to the cable people because my dh gets pay pre view Ufc fights, I tell we don't have the money but he doesn't listen. My FIL has given us so much money it's not enough funny. We never go anywhere because we never have any money. I stay at home with my son, and my dh works with StageHands, he gets paid well but the companies have been taking forever to pay. I've been so drepressed lately because of all this. I'm trying to promote my etsy shop but theres only so much I can do online, I can't afford to buy business or color ink to print them out.I really want my etsy shop to work out, I love dying yarn and we could use the extra money that I could make from it. I want to get Moo cards because they are awesome. I'm tried of life sucking, its been like this for months, for awhile I was telling myself that it would get better but its not.

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This ends Sept 30th, so only one day left! This is my Ready for Fall Child's hat. Knit with %100 wool yarn, so it's nice and warm!