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Sunday, October 28, 2007

I've been a bad blogger...

I was also forgot to update this thing. So heres the low down....

First I'm pregnant, I'm due June 11th which is my birthday, nice huh :). Second I've been knitting a pinwheel sweater since the begining of the month, I have one more sleeve and I'm done. If this sweater was for me, I would have put it down awhile ago. All that purling on the body almost killed me. Third we are going to Japan on Dec 31st to visit my dad(he lives there with my stepmom, the sweater is from her). hopefully the plane ride won't go to badly with our son, he'll be 3 by than. When we get back Brodie(our son) will start preschool early. He goes to one now once a week for 2 hrs.

Thanks to the two of you for your nice comments on my last real post!